Best way to Bag Groceries

Supermarkets and grocery shopping are something that each person will do at some point in their lives. Whether the shopping trip is on your own or a family event, it is important to keep in mind what has been purchased and how to bag it properly.

Bagging groceries does not sound like a hard thing to do, but it is an art all of its own. Some supermarkets offer training courses for their employees to know how to bag groceries properly. In this article some of those bagging secrets will be exposed so everyone can bag their own groceries in a fast, speedy way that will eliminate time, and hassle when it comes to unpacking those groceries at home.

To start bagging groceries efficiently it is first important to remember to organize from the very beginning of the shopping trip. The moment a person walks in to the store and grabs the basket the organization must begin. Taking this into account, split your cart into the sections of foods, this will give ease to organizing the conveyor belt and bagging on own, or for the courtesy clerk bagging the groceries.


Meats are often the heaviest item that is purchased at the grocery store. These items can be placed in their own individual bags, or placed together if they are frozen and wrapped well. The chicken, turkey, lunch meat and items like that may be placed together on the conveyor to be bagged together.

The easiest way to do this is to have lunch meat and cheese together in one bag. Larger items such as whole hams, pork chops or chicken breasts should be placed in larger bags together. If the shopper has a insulated bag, these items may also be placed there to avoid using many plastic bags from the store.

*Frozen foods*

Frozen items are often placed together when at the grocery store. These items should always be placed together when bagging. This will make putting away the groceries a simple process and go by quickly. Having all frozen items together will cause relief when putting the groceries away as they may be tossed in to the freezer right away and all at once.

*Eggs and Breads*

These two items are the ones that seem to break the easiest and be squashed as if it is some sort of penalty for grocery shopping. By putting these items last, not only is it easy to keep them separate from the rest of the groceries, but they may be bagged together. Putting the eggs on the bottom of a bag, and setting the bread items on the top of those will help the bread from being smashed, and the eggs should always be on the bottom. These items also should be placed towards the front of all the other groceries when being put in to the car, to avoid anything breaking them.


Put all produce together in their appropriate bags and labels. If the grocery store already has the items marked with bar codes, be sure to keep these viewable. By keeping fruits and vegetables in one section not only is a person helping themselves but the cashier who may need to manually enter each item to weight.

These items can be placed last after the eggs and breads that were purchased. This will help to avoid the fruits and vegetables from being squished in bags by larger heavier items.


Often when a person goes to the grocery store they may find that they purchase items that are not grocery related. This might be a pack of gum, light bulbs, or some other miscellaneous item. These items depending on their size can be bagged at the very end, and placed together.

It will separate them from the groceries and cause them to be easily found without having to dig through each bag looking for that item.

Using eco-friendly bags for groceries at the supermarket is an ideal way to not only bag items but also help the environment from being polluted with so many plastic bags. Ecobags   offers a wide variety of small and large canvas and mesh bags that are not only reusable but eco-friendly. The freezer bag is also a great choice to have on the shopping trip for those frozen and cold items that need to stay chilled on the way home. Remember, the importance of bagging properly and rapid is the easiest way to get out of the grocery store with ease.