Biography Tiffany Derry

Chef Tiffany Derry was born in on Dec. 26, 1982 in Beaumont, Texas. She has worked in the food industry almost all of her life. Derry is well known for her appearances in Season 7 and 8 of Top Chef. She was placed 5th in the 7th season and ended up in the 4th spot among the All-Star chefs in Season 8.

Let’s take a brief look at her biography.

Derry started her career in hospitality at the age of 15 by working in a local International House of Pancakes. She learned speed while working IHOP. Early in her career, she got a greater sense of responsibility and purpose. Her skills in leadership and business were rewarded when she became a part of the IHOP’s management by the time she turned 17.

After her graduation from high school, Derry started attending the Art Institute of Houston. She learned to channel her passion for cooking through classes and practical experience. She finished college among the top of her class. She used to compete in ACP competitions to pay her tuition fees.

Her first job out of school was at Pesce restaurant. Mark Holley was the head chef at that time. Derry has always spoken highly of Holley. She believes that Holley has a good part in what she knows today about life, food and business. She felt proud to be a part of the Holley’s team, being rated as one of the very few African-American chefs in the top ranks.

After leaving Pesce restaurant as an Executive Sous Chef, Derry moved to Dallas. She started working as an instructor at the Art Institute of Dallas Culinary School. She taught her students the value of wanting something and working towards that goal. She joined Go Fish Ocean Club in Dallas as an executive Chef.

Derry got famous in 2010 when she took part in the seventh season of Top Chef. Her confidence and ability were recognized by the entire nation. She finished 5th on the show and was voted “Fan Favorite.” This led her into the Top Chef All-Starts season 8. As expected, Derry continued to impress everyone with her talent and commitment. She ended up in the top four finalists on the show.  

Her fame in the Top Chef prompted Patrick Halbert and Andy Austin to team up with her for building the Private Social restaurant. The restaurant was opened in 2011. Terry stayed there for a year and then moved on to become one of America’s most reputed Restaurant Consultant and TV host.

Currently Derry is juggling various responsibilities like being a wife, a mom and a TV celebrity. She has one show called Bar Rescue on Spike TV. She is all set to start another show, “Hungry Investors.”

Alongside Derry, the show will be hosted by celebrity chef John Besh and nightlife expert Jon Taffer. The theme of the show will revolve around helping some failing restaurants to get back on their feet. They will help them to update their menus and improve their overall service.

The passion and dedication with which Tiffany Derry works make her one of the best in the business and a true fan favorite. She can be followed on Twitter @MasterchefTD.