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Japanese green tea

Japanese green tea is the fragrant, jade-colored beverage you may have enjoyed in Japanese restaurants or health food restaurants. If you travel to Japan, you will be offered green tea on most occasions and in most venues. In the Western world, products like bottled ice green tea, diet supplements and even green tea cakes have […]

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Minestroni Soup

Minestroni Soup This soup is one that we always tend to fall back on, sifting through ingredients left over in the pantry until we can find something to cook. Although this recipe calls for some exacting ingredients, for years we have made it with whatever we have been able to find. It’s a pretty forgiving […]

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Meatloaf Meant for a King

This meatloaf will make your family say “yum!” as they take the first bite and the last. If you follow this recipe then you will have a moist texture with such a rich flavor it will satisfy everyone’s taste buds. It is quite easy to make and can also be prepared in a microwave to […]

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Low Carb Mexican Food Ideas

Extremely Low Carb Taco Dinner One of my biggest frustrations when looking for new low carb recipes is that the majority of “low carb” recipes I find aren’t low carb. I’m not looking for zero carb, but if one of the ingredients is flour, corn, or bread (even if it says on the box high […]

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