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Inexpensive Wines of value

The August 2006 issue of Gourmet magazine has a sidebar “Best Wines for Grilling.” Don’t get me wrong I enjoy that magazine. I leaf through it every month. I’m an amateur foodie and I love new ideas. That said, when the cheapest recommended selection on a rack of pinots to accompany your freshly flame-caressed pork […]

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How to Pour a Beer

Beer is, according to actual proper science, the yummiest drink in the world. There is an art to pouring beer properly. It is not a particularly difficult art, but people do get it wrong quite frequently, so read on to discover how to pour a beer without making a fool of yourself and without compromising […]

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Foods that contain Shocking Additives

If you are what you eat, then you could be toxic, loaded with preservatives and completely artificial. Additives – often shockingly dangerous ones – are rife in the processed foods that you may consume. Worse, these ingredients that aid in packaging and long-term food preservation have FDA approval. About 90% of an average American household’s food […]

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Nutrition really does Matter more than Taste alone – Nutrition

Which aspect of health food matters more: Taste or nutrition? Generally, a well rounded meal offers both superb taste and excellent dietary content as well…  But if circumstances force a consumer to choose between a tasty health product and a less appetizing, but more nutritious meal…the food’s content and not the palate pleasing properties should […]

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