How to Make Cheap Coffee Taste Expensive

It is a fact that most coffee drinkers would love to indulge in expensive premium blends. Unfortunately, money being what it is, many simply cannot afford those luxurious coffees. The truth is many people have to make due with grocery store coffee off of the shelf. There is no shame in buying pre-ground coffee and there is no reason for it to have to taste as cheap as the price tag.

There are many ways to go about making inexpensive coffee look, smell and taste delicious. In case you are wondering, it does not have to cost an arm and a leg to get great taste out any type of coffee, all it takes is a couple easy steps.

Clean coffee machine

It is good practice to keep your coffee machine clean at all times. Wash the carafe (if applicable) with warm soapy water and rinse thoroughly. At least once every two weeks run some vinegar through the coffee maker to eliminate hard water deposits like calcium. 

Some people feel that it wrong to clean the carafe and coffee machine because it ruins the flavor of the coffee by making it taste like soap. This is fine for them, but it really does improve the flavor and lifetime of your coffee and machine to keep both clean. Residue builds up over time and can make cheap coffee taste even worse. 


If you live in an area with particularly hard water, it can affect the taste of your coffee. You can invest in a water filtration system, buy bottled water or buy a coffee maker that has a water filter in it. The most inexpensive solution might be to use bottled water to make your coffee. Try it just once and the odds are that you will taste the difference. 

Bad water can make cheap coffee taste rancid and smell awful. Bad water can make expensive coffee taste bad also. The only real way to look at it is that bad water is just plain bad for coffee and the coffee maker. 

In the grounds

There are a couple of things you can add to your grounds before making your coffee and one of those is spices. For example you can add a teaspoon of ground cinnamon or nutmeg and then brew your coffee like normal. This will add a wonderful aroma and taste to the coffee that can improve the cheapest brand out there.

The other thing you can add to the grounds is extracts like vanilla. The outcome is similar to adding spices, a fantastic aroma and delicious flavor. Keep in mind that a little dab will do just fine (1 teaspoon is a good start). You do not want to kill the taste of the coffee, simply enhance it. 

In the mug

Additives like flavored creamer, hot cocoa mix and flavored syrups can all greatly improve the taste of cheap coffee. In fact these additives can turn cheap coffee into a taste delight that rivals more expensive coffeehouse drinks! You can mix and match additives or just add enough to satisfy your taste buds. 

The really neat thing about cheap coffee is that it is almost like having a blank coffee canvas. You can take that cheap coffee and turn it into something truly spectacular and uniquely yours. With just a couple of steps you can have the premium tasting coffee without the hair raising price tag.

After experimenting and figuring out what works for you, you could end up becoming quite popular with friends and family members for your fabulous coffee!