Is Filtered Tap Water better than Bottled Water – Yes

There is no reason to drink bottled water unless you live in a place where conditions are unsanitary and the local water supply is potentially contaminated.  Bottled water is expensive and not particularly good for the environment, since it comes in a plastic bottle that must eventually be thrown away or otherwise disposed of.  

Some people claim that tap water doesn’t taste as good as bottled water does.  In areas where water comes from a well or some other system where minerals or chemicals are not filtered out, perhaps bottled water is a better choice.  But I have only encountered a situation like that once in my lifetime.  It was back in 1980 in my hometown.  Water from one part of the county where I lived tasted heavily of sulfur.  It wasn’t toxic, it just smelled and tasted really bad.  A few years later, the county set up a water system and the nasty tasting local water disappeared.  

If your tap water is clean and tastes okay, it makes sense to filter it and drink it instead of bottled water.  There is no reason why consumers should be paying as much as a dollar a bottle for water and then throwing away the leftover bottle, which will eventually sit in a landfill.  

Some marketing genius came up with the idea of bottled water and has made a mint off of it, selling the idea of getting water from exotic places like France.  Well, when I lived in Europe, there were trendy bottled waters on sale.  Guess where they came from?  San Francisco, California!  So the idea of exotic is relative and probably not nearly as exciting as you might think it should be.  What’s more, it is highly unlikely that anyone is going to a remote spring area, collecting water, bottling it, and shipping it to wherever you are.  The water you’re drinking that comes from a bottle comes from a municipal water supply, just like your tap water does.    

Bottled water is fine if you are somewhere on the go.  It’s fine to purchase a bottle of water if you’re thirsty and need something that comes in a convenient package, or you’re in a situation where the local water might not be safe to drink.  But to regularly pass up tap water in favor of bottled water, is in my mind, not very smart.  

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