Is Swallowing Semen Dangerous For Health?

Semen is really a semen that consists of sperms. The prostate fluid which will get included the semen causes odor. This odor doesn’t originate from testicular secretion. Each testis consists of about 100 meter of tube by which sperms are created and moved to vas deferens. Vas deferens is among the two muscular tubes that join the testes towards the ejaculatory duct via prostate. It carries spermatozoa towards the urethra on ejaculation assisted by contraction of muscular wall. Usually five to ten ml of semen is released that contains about 50 million spermatozoa in a single ejaculation. When emission happens in rapid succession, both quality and quantity decrease.

Once brown sperms have grown to be mature in the male reproductive organs, their existence-span is dependent on where they are actually. Full-grown sperm could be kept in the seminal vesicles for a lot of days prior to being reabsorbed as waste through the body. The perfect condition for that survival of sperm is really a warm, moist, alkaline atmosphere-for example within the uterus. Here after sexual intercourse, sperms can live for approximately 72 hours. Before ejaculation sperm’s durability could be measured in week and several weeks.

A regular ejaculation may consists of sugar fructose, vit c, little bit of zinc, traces of cholesterol, protein, calcium, swimming pool water, bloodstream-group antigens, citric acidity, deoxyribonucleic acidity (DNA), b12, magnesium, phosphorous, potassium, sodium, the crystals, zinc, nitrogen, lactic acidity, and many other nutrients.

When the man is good and free of any infection or disease, swallowing semen is completely harmless and can have some dietary value. However, swallowing semen is dangerous in some instances. When the man has contacted any STDs, Aids or any other sex-related illnesses there’s a good possibility of passing the disorder in the man to his partner.

Oligozoospermia and occasional Ejaculation Volume

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