Looking for Muller Yoghurts and Desserts

As a company Muller have gone all out to promote their massive range of dessert products and I think they are making a good job of it. The last Muller product that I reviewed was the Muller Healthy Balance and although there is no doubt that they are fairly low in calories and fat I could not describe them as being among one of my favourites. I like to ring the changes and today I bought three Muller crunch corner strawberry crumbles for £1. The Other Half is not a fan of these type of desserts so the pleasure is all mine.

The Muller crunch corner strawberry crumbles are presented like every other Muller pudding. The white plastic twin pot contains a strawberry compote which is covered in creamy custard style yoghurt in one side and then the buttery crumble sits in the other side of the pot. Muller have given the dessert their usual easy peel foil lid and the lid is packed with information concerning the contents of the pot.

As I slid the lid back I liked what I saw, the custard style yoghurt was thick, creamy and a very pleasant rich yellowy colour. The butter crumble however looked a bit dry, the tiny pieces of crumble rattled around in the tray and they looked a little bit like mini – bits of rusk. The whole Muller dessert smelt good, I was able to smell the strawberry straight away.  I wanted the crunchy crumble to stay crunchy, I thought the whole effect would have been spoilt if I had just tipped the crumble straight into the pot of yoghurt and fruit compote.

When I put my spoon into the custard yoghurt I was more than pleased, it was as thick as it looked , I could smell vanilla essence and laying underneath the creamy yoghurt was a delightful heap of strawberry compote. As I stirred the two together a few lumps of strawberry came to the surface and there was no shortage of compote either. Strawberry compote or jam can often taste and smell very artificial but that nasty tang is not there. The yoghurt and the compote blend well and the two compliment one another perfectly. It would be all too easy to think that the mixture would be far too sweet but Muller have managed to avoid this. Though the dessert tastes exceptionally smooth it is definitely not too sweet.

I incorporated the crumble by dipping the edge of my teaspoon into the Muller custard style yoghurt and then dipping it for a second time into the small pot of crumble. The tiny pieces of crumble clung well to the yoghurt and when I ate the two together the crumble stayed crunchy. I have to say that the crumble was far sweeter than the yoghurt and it was lovely and buttery. Consequently I enjoyed my Muller crunch corner, granted the whole experience was over in a couple of minutes but it was a positive one.

Now we have to get down to brass tacks and look at the nutritional values.
Believe it or not this small pot contains somewhere in the region of 230 calories ! That seems very high for such a small portion and as expected it is high in sugar. The pot contains 19% of the recommended daily intake of calcium, Muller have added no artificial sweeteners, colours or preservatives either.

I enjoyed my Muller strawberry crunch corner, in fact I could easily enjoy another but given the calorie count I think I will forget that one ! But in all honesty the dessert was good and I would hapilly buy them again but I will have to limit these to one per day.

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