Muller Amore Peach Yoghurt

The range Of Muller Amore yoghurts are good but in my book they are self indulgent and I only buy them if I see them on special offer.

Muller have so many different types of yoghurt on the market, some I like and others that I am not so keen on. But I will say one good thing for the Muller company they market their goods well and in most of the major stores and supermarkets you will always come across offers on the Muller products.

 The Amore yoghurt’s look quite different, they are not packed into a run of the mill plastic tub instead Muller have designed a good looking thick cardboard carton that has a peel back foil lid.

The royal blue cardboard carton is decorated with succulent looking peaches that have so obviously been hand picked for the occasion.

 Maybe one of the first things to strike you when you peel back that foil lid is the consistency of the Amore yoghurt, Muller have made it extra thick and extra creamy.

When you stick your teaspoon into the yoghurt is is like spooning out extra thick double cream.

 The peach Amore yoghurt is the palest peachy colour that you could ever come across but straight away you can see that the thick creamy yoghurt is loaded with good sized chunks of fresh peach.

The yoghurt is sweet without being too sweet and it just slides off of the spoon because it is so creamy.

If you look at the list if ingredients then you can see that Muller have created quite an extravagant product, 18% of the total pot consists of whipping cream.

The chunks of ripe peach make up for another 11% of the contents of the pot and the rest of the flavour comes from natural sources.

 One small pot contains 150g of Muller Amore yoghurt, for every 100g of yoghurt there are 144 calories, so the pot contains a total of around 216 calories.

 Muller Peach Amore yoghurt is suitable for vegetarians but it not a product for anyone who is allergic to milk or anyone who is lactose intolerant.

Once you have purchased the product then as long as you store it in the refrigerator it will keep for up to a week.

On average you can expect to pay around 62p for a pot of Amore yoghurt.

Muller have produced a high quality product that is delicious even though it may not be the healthiest yoghurt around.

 Other yoghurt’s in the same Muller range include Greek honey, Luxury Orange, Strawberry and Morello Cherry.

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