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Japanese green tea

Japanese green tea is the fragrant, jade-colored beverage you may have enjoyed in Japanese restaurants or health food restaurants.  If you travel to Japan, you will be offered green tea on most occasions and in most venues. In the Western world, products like bottled ice green tea, diet supplements and even green tea cakes have […]

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Middle Eastern Tea

Tea one of the favourite drinks of the Middle East, more popular in many countries than coffee. Middle Eastern tea is usually served strong, sweet and black, although Moroccan-style mint tea is well known in this region too. The Arabic word for tea is “chai”, the same as the Hindi word for tea, and tea […]

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Meatloaf Meant for a King

This meatloaf will make your family say “yum!” as they take the first bite and the last. If you follow this recipe then you will have a moist texture with such a rich flavor it will satisfy everyone’s taste buds. It is quite easy to make and can also be prepared in a microwave to […]

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Low Fat Recipes to Enjoy in the Cold Weather

The following is a list of favorite cold-weather recipes that have stood the test of time throughout my 18 years of cooking. These recipes are high on flavour but not high in calories. Consequently, you won’t have to call your family twice for dinner because the aroma and taste of these dishes will encourage everyone to gather around the kitchen table.   Nothing gives […]

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