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Easy Seafood Supper Ideas Relieve Dinnertime Blahs

Seafood offers some of the most healthful and delicious main courses, even on busy weeknights. Supper from the sea’s bounty can be far more delicious than another bag of fried fast food. Fortunately, ideas abound for easy seafood suppers. Baked or broiled fish provides a simple basis for many dishes. The classic way to know […]

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Menabrea Beer Review

Italy. A land where history, culture, architecture and art drip like olive oil from a crostini. And speaking of haute cuisine, their grub isn’t too shabby either. Having just returned from Tuscany, I can certainly vouch for that. But never mind Florence’s art treasures. Or the Etruscan heritage. Not to mention Pucini’s villa. Leaning Towers? […]

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Lenten Foods

In the Christian tradition, Lent is a time for fasting and from abstaining from meat, especially on Ash Wednesday and each Friday during the Lenten season. There are specific foods that many households have in common on the days of abstinence, such as split pea soup, lentil soup, frittatas, tuna sandwiches, and meat-free pizza from […]

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