Problem of Tilted Uterus during Pregnancy

The problem of tilted uterus during pregnancy is not old and several women have gone through this situation during their lives. Generally, the tilted uterus can impact any woman and there are not many cases when the tilted uterus causes a problem during pregnancy. There is almost no impact on the fertility or pregnancy of the woman due to a tilted uterus and most of them go through successfully. However, in the rare case, there might be some problems related to a tilted uterus and you might have to consult your doctor in finding the right solution to it. In case you are experiencing any of the following symptoms of tilted uterus, you need to consult your doctor at the earliest and take his advice on the matter.


The most common symptom of tilted uterus that you would experience would be related to backaches and pain during intercourse. The backache that arises due to a tilted uterus is mainly because of the entrapment of blood in the uterus, leading to certain tenderness in the uterus. This inflames the nerves of the back and leads to backache. On the other hand, the pain during intercourse arises when there might be some friction against the uterus. This would happen due to a tilted uterus and can get painful for the woman. Usually, you would not require any sort of tilted uterus treatment but in some cases, when the symptoms really begin to give you a lot of trouble, you can look for some treatment options. There can be some other problems which have brought about the condition of a tilted uterus and it is important that you explore all the possibilities related to the tilted uterus. A proper examination by a qualified doctor is the first step and make sure that you are consulting your gynecologist in this matter on a regular basis.

Tilted Uterus Positions

After the examination, you would be able to find the position of the tilted uterus in your body. Basically, there are two main types of tilted uterus positions which can create a problem. The anteverted uterus is still safer and is known to be problem free while the retroverted uterus, the second type of tilted uterus positions, can cause some problems due to the presence of a tilted uterus during pregnancy.