Soda With Stevia

I see that you are looking for a more healthy alternative to sodas with sucralose, aspartame, and other artificial sweeteners. Well you are in luck because here we review soda’s with STEVIA, and drink them on a daily basis. I hope that our reviews will help you make better decision on which one to try. Enjoy!

1st: Zevia

We are proud to present the first line of stevia based sodas to come out. It’s Zevia one of several sodas made with Reb A (stevia extract). We used Zevia as our 1st choice because they have the largest variety of flavors.

They have 12 to be exact: which include Black Cherry, Caffine Free Cola, Cherry Cola, Cola, Cream soda, Dr. Zevia, Ginger Ale, Ginger Root Beer, Grape, Grapefruit Citrus, Lemon Lime Twist, Lime Cola, Mountain Zevia, Orange, and Strawberry.

Not to mention Zevia tastes pretty good and it has zero calories. The makers of Zevia don’t use artificial flavors at all. Instead they use extracts from fruits and other natural food sources to acquire a vast number of flavors.

Pros: Zevia has have lots of flavors. Tastes good. Contains no artificial flavors. You can buy it online.

Cons: Contains Erythritol (like most soda’s with stevia)

2nd: Sans Natural Diet Soda

Next in line we introduce Sans Natural Diet Soda, we felt it’s a close second because of its smaller variety of flavors.

They have 5 to be exact: Cola, Orange, Lemon Lime, Black Cherry, and Root Beer.

As far as taste they are all good but I like the black cherry and followed by the cola. They have zero calories and are also made with natural ingredients.

Some people will particularly like that Sans dose not contain Erythritol, which is just a sugar alcohol derived from fermenting glucose and yeast.

Pros: Dose not contain Erythritol. Tastes good. Nice looking can.

Cons: Small choice of flavors.

3rd: Sprite Green

Last in line, its Sprite Green. I will say that I can’t find Sprite Green anywhere. Going based off the reviews I’ve read on it, Sprite Green sucks hardcore! Because apparently it tastes like sprite going down but has a terrible aftertaste that sneaks up on you!

many people describe the aftertaste as a lingering hair spray or really terrible vodka aftertaste!

I think I’ll just stay away from this one makes me want to scrub my tongue just thinking about it.

Pros: It’s low calorie.

Cons: It has sugar (50 calories worth). It’s not 100% natural. Terrible aftertaste.