Summer Foods that are Good for your Beach Body

Realizing that swimsuit season has arrived may send panic among those who may not be beach-body ready. For others who finally lost the weight and can now fit into a favorite swimsuit, maintaining a beach body may seem challenging. When you eat the right seasonal summer foods, you will not only keep that gorgeous beach body, but will reap the healthy rewards of these nutritional summer foods.

Choosing the right foods looks gorgeous on the beach

summer foods
The Eating Well article, ‘5 Summer Foods for Your Best Beach Body,’ recommends eating strawberries, zucchini, green beans, corn and raspberries. With just one cup of halved strawberries, you get three grams of fiber. Fiber helps you to feel full, so you will not be as hungry or hungry as quickly. Just this small amount of strawberries is also more than the full daily amount of recommended Vitamin C. The antioxidants found in strawberries will definitely help maintain that beach body since antioxidants aid in helping keep skin looking younger.

Strawberries also offer superior anti-inflammatory benefits. Two recent studies, according to Wellness Resources, found that strawberries “are well-absorbed into your body and exert superior antioxidant and anti-inflammatory benefits within your circulatory system, thereby helping your blood and arteries to have less stress and be healthier.” In one of the studies, where participants ate a high-fat, high-carbohydrate meal, and followed that unhealthy meal with a strawberry beverage, it not only resulted in the strawberry beverage lowering the inflammatory response of the meal, the strawberry beverage also “lowered the exaggerated insulin response.”

The World’s Healthiest Foods (WH Foods) says that, “No area of strawberry health benefits is better documented than benefits for the cardiovascular system.” WHFoods also has revealed that at least two of the phytonutrients in strawberries “have emerged as anti-cancer substances of particular interest.” Anti-cancer benefits derived from eating strawberries have been documented in breast and colon cancer as well as other types.

Another of the foods listed in the Eating Well article, green beans, has antioxidants that are important when trying to achieve or maintain a beach body. Green beans also provides silicon, which WHFoods indicates is important to bone and connective tissue health. Green beans also supply very important B vitamins, some of which are lost during the process of canning. So, whenever possible, buy fresh green beans during the summer or better yet, grow your own! Fresh is always better, especially when trying to stay healthy and look your best.

Raspberries have now been documented as a tool for fighting obesity. Eating Well also points out that raspberries can lower cholesterol.

The World’s Healthiest Foods explains that scientists have discovered that the metabolism in fat cells can be increased by the phytonutrients contained in raspberries. Raspberries is another of the seasonal foods that are known for their anti-inflammatory and antioxidant capabilities. The phytonutrients have also recently been demonstrated to have the potential to “change the signals that are sent to potential or existing cancer cells.”

Some of the studies related to the health benefits of raspberries are still in the early stages. To keep a beach body, consuming raspberries that are at their peak of ripeness is best, since this is when raspberries have their highest levels of nutrients.

Some seasonal foods keep you well hydrated

You cannot have a gorgeous beach body if you are going to be dehydrated. Some of the seasonal foods that help you lose weight, or at least will help keep you from gaining weight, are also foods that will keep you hydrated.

Watermelon is one of the foods that the Cleveland Clinic recommends as a great source to stay hydrated. Since individuals need to have an intake of 11 to 15 cups of fluid daily, watermelon is an excellent source of providing necessary fluids.

Quenching your thirst is not the only benefit to eating watermelon, as Zero to Hero Fitness points out in ‘Watermelon Nutrition Facts and Health Benefits.’ Watermelon is “a powerful antioxidant” and the lycopene in watermelon helps to fight off cancer. Another of the powerful anti-inflammatory seasonal foods, watermelon also has five per cent of the recommended daily amount of fiber. Additionally, the high water content can help in the fat burning process, according to Zero to Hero Fitness.

Cucumbers, like watermelon, according to The Gardening Channel, are 95% water, and so they help keep the body hydrated. Cucumbers flush out toxins and help to regulate body temperature. All these factors are essential for the individual who wants to spend time on the beach and show off a beach body. Other health benefits of cucumbers includes that they can lower blood pressure and help to regulate uric acid which may help prevent kidney stones. Cucumbers also provides Vitamin C, Vitamin A and other nutrients.

When you want to get or maintain a beach body, eating the right foods is essential. Not only do these foods provide valuable nutrients, they have really powerful disease-fighting properties and anti-inflammatory benefits. Some of the seasonal beach body foods also contains high amounts of water which helps to keep the body hydrated, a key element to achieving and maintaining your beach body.